Out Of Hours – Members Select: Perspectives on Landscape

Photo: Rohan Van Twest

This month for Blue Monkey Network’s popular Out of Hours event, five of their members will each select and talk about a piece of work from A Green and Pleasant Land. This exhibition, though primarily photography, also includes film, painting and sculpture by over 50 artists, illustrating the various concerns and approaches to landscape pursued by artists from the 1970s to now.

In order to open up a range of possible themes for discussion, five Blue Monkey artist-members have been invited to choose a piece from the exhibition as a starting point. Their choice of work can be for any reason they decide – love it, hate it, or relate to it in a special way. Each artist will tell us about their selection and their reasons for choosing it, perhaps even bringing along a piece of their own work in response to it.

Selecting and responding to works from the exhibition are: artists Patrick Goff, Elizabeth Doak, Axel Hesslenberg, Louise Evans and Lucy Brennan.

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