The Last of England, 1987

Still from The Last of England, 1987. Derek Jarman.

The Last of England, which takes its name from the Ford Maddox Brown painting of 1855, is Jarman’s scathing, impressionistic attack on Thatcherite Britain, homophobia and the AIDS crisis in the late ‘80s. Filmed on Super-8 near the director’s home on the beach of Dungeness, the effect is hypnotic and otherworldly.

“In the final stretch of his career, during which his imminent death became an inevitable focus of his work (he died of complications from AIDS in 1994 at 52), Jarman cultivated a voice entirely his own, both lyrical and lucid, brimming with wit and fury … ‘The Last of England’ ranks among Jarman’s boldest aesthetic experiments” – Dennis Lim, The LA Times

Screening as part of British Landscape on Film, a curated season of films inspired by Towner’s exhibition A Green and Pleasant Land.

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