Jarman Awards 2015: Alia Syed talk

Alia Syed, Points of Departure, 2014, excerpt from Film London on Vimeo.

Alia Syed’s films examine memory, representation and colonialism through narratives constructed from personal and historical realities. Her two most recent works combine her interest in storytelling with a compelling presentation of history as a visual narrative; using diverse subjectivities to reframe both the time flow of the river Thames and the regeneration of the city of Glasgow respectively. Her unique approach sutures different subjective positions in relation to culture, diaspora, and location, specifically in relation to gender and notions of cultural difference.

Syed will discuss three of her films including the Jarman Award shortlisted Points of Departure (2014) which is shown throughout the weekend at Towner. Points of Departure uses archive footage of a collective past and combines it with personal recollections to fracture the normative culturally dominant view of Glasgow’s cityscapes and re-insert a Scottish Asian presence. Discussions will be chaired by Marta Michalowska of Film London.

Syed’s films have been shown at numerous institutions around the world including BBC Arts Online (currently); The Triangle Space: Chelsea College of Art, London, (2014); Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2012‐13); 5th Moscow Biennale (2013); Museum of Modern Art, New York, (2010); Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, (2009); XV Sydney Biennale (2006), Hayward Gallery, London, (2005); Tate Britain, London, (2003); Glasgow Museum of Modern Art (2002); Iniva, London, (2002); The New Art Gallery Walsall (2002); and Tate Modern, London (2000). Syed’s films have also been the subject of several solo exhibitions at Talwar Gallery in New York and New Delhi. Alia Syed was born in 1964 in Swansea, Wales, and lives between London and Glasgow.

Please note that the other shortlisted films will not be available to view during the event.

Film London Jarman Award display is on at Towner 5-8 November 2015. For more information, see townereastbourne.org.uk/exhibition/film-london-jarman-award-touring-programme-2015/

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