Haunting Hallowe’en Shadow Show

Hunt around Towner’s exhibitions for creatures and people to make into a haunting Hallowe’en Shadow Show.

Come back to our event Tricks ‘n’ Treats at Towner on Saturday to see it brought to life!

LindseyLindsey Smith
 is an artist educator based in Brighton. She specialises in photography and moving image and has extensive experience of working with children and young people. She has over ten years experience of working in partnership with arts, education and community organisations to design and deliver high quality projects, exhibitions and events.

Lindsey’s artistic practice is rooted in the photographic. Her moving image works and installations evoke a disquieting enquiry into the experience of place and time by drawing attention to the melancholic desire that the photographic image and impulse unveil.

Lindsey gained an MA in Photography with Distinction from University of Brighton in 2010 and a co-director of APEC – an artist studios based in Hove.

For more information please visit www.lindseysmith.net

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