Alternative Viewpoints

"One Day, Something Happens"; Towner Art Gallery; Eastbourne, East Sussex; 14th October 2016 © Pete Jones

Image: Pete Jones

Each month join contemporary thinkers, creative practitioners and members of our Learning programme in an exhibition experience with a difference.

During December’s Alternative Viewpoints, Cliff Crawford and Jan Turner – two artists from the Blue Monkey Network – will lead an interactive discussion in One Day, Something Happens.

Artist bios

Cliff Crawford is a visual artist and digital draughtsman employing physical and digital media to explore real and perceptual change through repetition, re-evaluation and reduction. Having both a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and a Masters of Science in Information Technology, he  experiences the tension and synchronicity of these divergent disciplines.

By using physical and digital media in isolation, in combination and iteratively, he produces sets and series of images to explore real and perceptual change.

He works by digitally manipulating samples of his observational work and using gestural line quality to invite a sensory response. By repeating images, looking again at what may have been overlooked, he produces overlapping layers of interpretation and dialogue within a visual narrative.

Jan Turner is an artist who works mainly with recycled wood and paint retrieved from skips and dustbins. He has been making constructed wooden structure paintings for a number of years. These physically resemble fences and could be easily interpreted as a defense against the viewing public. He has always been interested in the differences between the appearance of a work of art and its intention by the artist. Subliminal messages have also loomed large in the landscape of his work.

His new works are deconstructed fences that lean on walls or the corner of rooms and are painted on all sides. They can be moved or rearranged and represent an opening up to the viewing public allowing them to explore the colours and textures used to interpret various subjects.

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