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See Towner’s architecture in a whole new way in this amazing short film, commissioned to launch our website - in partnership with Prodigal’s Urban Playground team.  Feel free to share using the buttons below!



The unique architecture of Towner provides the backdrop for an innovative exploration through Performance Parkour – fusing the language of the built environment with human movement, expression and ‘l’art du deplacement’.

We are proud to work alongside Prodigal Theatre’s Urban Playground.  In 2010 we collaborated on a youth engagement programme, and in 2011 co-commisioned the team to develop ‘THE INNER CITY’ which won the Naples’ inaugural Fringe2Fringe Best Performance Award – the only international act to have done so.

Prodigal’s Urban Playground team have been experimenting with free-running and dance since 2003.  With the world’s first bespoke stages for the performance of Parkour, they were the first professional company to engage with the authentic practice of ‘the art of movement’.  They have led a huge range of youth and performance projects across the UK, Europe, in Southern Africa, Australia and the South Pacific.

They are associates of the Brighton Festival and Dome.  Their partner company is Gravity Style, Paris, co-creators of Parkour, with whom they often perform.  Together they have evolved the principles of ‘Performance Parkour’.