Café Projects: Esther Rolinson

Posted on 12/02/2015
Esther Rolinson, Breathing The Breath of Others

Esther Rolinson, Breathing The Breath of Others

Hastings-based Esther Rolinson is the latest artist to feature in Café Projects at Towner, a series of exhibitions showcasing the work of artists based in East Sussex.

Rolinson is a visual artist working in various media.  She  produces independent and site-specific works that invite the audience into a sensory relationship with structure and form and engage with the viewers’ experience of built and natural environments. Many of her works – diverse in their materials and outcome – are complex built structures and digitally programmed sculptural installations.

Readers may be familiar with a public art commission by Rolinson titled Drift – a grid of animated LED lights worked into the fabric of the street furniture adjacent to the entrance of the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

While they are works in their own right, the prints featured in Rolinson’s Café Projects exhibit are a striking insight into her art practice.  These drawings were produced in the development stage of larger three-dimensional works – Melt, Splinter and Thread – and form the foundation of their construction.

Rolinson says of her work that:

I want to make the familiar patterns of movement that I experience in the everyday visible, such as the motion of water or the simple act of breathing

Cafe Project in Urban Ground at Towner

Cafe Project in Urban Ground at Towner

Rolinson’s works investigate movement, wear and growth in natural and man-made forms. In these digitally manipulated pencil drawings, we see the process of acute observation that she employs in all her work, studying the geometries and fields of movement that take place in the environment around us.

The Café Projects exhibition takes place on the second floor in our café Urban Ground at Towner, where Rolison’s work will be displayed until Sunday 12 April. All works are for sale, please enquire at the Welcome Desk on the ground floor.

If you’re an artist based in the East Sussex region and are interested in applying to be part of Café Projects, please email your CV and four small jpeg images of your work to for consideration.